Hey there!

So you’ve heard meditation is good for you, but you can’t seem to “find” the time? Or, you think you just suck at it? Yup, me too!

The new goods is, you’re not alone. You and LOTS of other people feel this way. Second, even short sweet segments of this tasty little treat (meditation) can pay big benefits. Need more convincing? Science says meditation:

Reduces Stress & Anxiety  
Cultivates Calm & Kindness (we’re nicer people)
Promotes Emotional Health (snap out less)
Helps Manage Your Monkey Mind
Increases Awareness & Expands Attention
Quickens Creativity
Improves Sleep
Makes you the Maestro & Master of Your Mind & Life

I don’t know about you, but now more than ever I need an extra does of calm and kindness. So let’s make a difference in this world together!

Now quit trying to manufacture more time (cuz it won’t work), waiting to get your functional-fancy cushion, or banking on the island where it all works out (P.S. the island doesn’t exist!). Instead, “start where you are” as the amazing Pema Chodron stated.

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