Why Compassion is Key & How Self-Compassion Can Change the World

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The world is abound and buzzing with the fact that we have both conscious and unconscious biases. Although many of us, myself included, would like to believe we have none, the truth is we do. Why? Because we have been raised in a patriarchal culture where the societally assigned and accepted identities, rights, needs, and contributions of Others–those different from our founding father’s, have been deemed “less than.”

Are you done with these outdated, harmful ideas already? Me too! So whatcha (or we) gonna do about it? Survey says . . . start with yourself 🙋🏽‍♀️, of course, and with a little self-compassion! Why? Because self-compassion creates kindness and compassion not only for ourselves, but also for others. How? How to be a Compassion Creator, this quality quickie (~4 minute audio) will tell you:   

3 Key Ways to Develop Contagious Compassion
Why compassion is King, or rather Queen
How Compassion Can Change the World

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