Hey there,

Okay, so this may be a little TMI, but I’m sure you can relate!

This morning, after frantically searching and finally accepting that not one of my bralettes (a staple item since quarantine) was clean, I became painfully aware of some things that were stirring under the surface and making decisions for me. Nope, it’s not my disdain for doing laundry, I’m WELL aware of that. Rather, it’s the really strong aversion I have to wearing “regular” bras. So I began to wonder, what the heck else has changed since COVID quarantine and what else has been blindly guiding me?

After a quick reflection, here are my top three:

1. I avoid wearing a “real bra” at all costs. Pretty bralette–count me in, comfy stretch cami–yup, bodysuit–you bet cha! But an underwire “real” bra–hell no!😱 

2. I’ve purchased arbitrary, nonessential items like bodysuits (SO liberating)–click here for a 2 min. audio on why; you’ll be surprised & may even want one!), sparkly drinking straws (ooh so pretty), and an acupressure mat (talk about the pleasure-pain exchange). Although I LOVE all of these in their own little way, they range fairly far from my “typical” purchasing pattern and that, I discovered, is a VERY good thing!

3. I’m growing out my hair, quite literally–it’s BIG! After years of belly-aching about missing my fab hairdresser, I finally move back to MA and “decide” to grow out my signature short style. COVID quarantine decided I suppose, but I’m now free to move about his calendar yet continue to let my curly red fro go! 🤡

I’m grateful I dug into these because I’m now aware of the sticky stuff like feelings of constriction, isolation and limiting self beliefs that were unconsciously controlling my actions and compensating for what’s going on in my world. The real gift in all of this, however, is the ability to consciously tend to these feelings and mindfully make decisions.

Take about a sense of strength and freedom!

Finding things that generate joy are so important, especially amid trying times. Equally important, however, is looking at what lies beneath their lure.

Tell me, do you find yourself wearing nothing but your Birks (me too!), cooking up crazy things in the kitchen, or making random purse purchases lately? If so, hit reply, tell me about them and why they make you smile. Want to chat about what lies underneath? You know how to reach me!

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