And Reaching Your I’m Meant to be More!

How long have you held deep seated feelings of insecurity, self-doubt and imposter syndrome? And that if you were really true to yourself you’d say, I know in my heart and gut this sh*t isn’t true yet I just can’t shake it?
I understand how you’re feeling. I was stuck there for far too long.
Looking back into early life it’s easy to see where some of my spark was snuffed out, my sass was culturally and socially smothered and my Self, the fullest, truest me starting playing small and settling for less . . . everything. Rather than being true to my core, I continued on this track wearing the superlative woman persona and striving for that unreachable carrot (the “dirty pink bunny” as Glennon Doyle termed it)—the artificial, arbitrary, unattainable you should be and do this and not that I’ve termed patriarchal perfectionism.  
At a particular point I finally had to say NO MORE.    
Because I refused to live one more day trying to contain the innate feminine power coursing through my veins. And I want YOU to refuse to live this way too.
Tell me, do you make strides in identifying and owning that other inner awesomeness, that mo-jill, myth busting trailblazer burning inside of you and those special superpowers deep in your soul that make you uniquely you?
I know you want to own this! And you know this life of yours is meant for more—more happiness, more beauty, more joy and more freedom from the antiquated ideas that keep you trapped in a box you never built, but you just can’t seem to grasp it or get there. Or, if you do get a taste, it doesn’t last.
Well, now you can with my easy 3 step proven process: 3 Actions That Can Instantly Impact How You Show Up In Life.

Want to know the secret? It’s right in front of you. And it starts with one simple yet very special ingredient. YOU.⬅

You have the power to change your life from one you’re simply living into one you truly love.

With love,