And Get The Real BS About Work-Life Balance

Are you often telling yourself, once I get insert seemingly necessary task here completed then I’ll take a break? Making lists of tall tasks for a day that likely couldn’t get completed in three? Be honest, how long have you been tackling better work-life balance yet never really feel balanced at all?

Yup. I get it! For-freaking-ever it felt like I was negotiating time for myself with, well, myself and some arbitrary entity that told me more doing equals more time, more happiness, more love and eventually more balance. But, they lied.

What if you woke up EVERY DAY so confident planning your life and managing your mind that the ONLY thing stopping your balance from being “in the bag” was whether or not you wanted it?

It’s an awesome feeling to crack the code on the work-life balance brain teaser and bust down the invisible bars that seem to lie between it and what we desire. I no longer believe in “work-life balance.” And I am UNFAZED by the invisible bars.

First, however, I had to learn to see the bars clearly before they started to disappear.

If you’re ready to . . .

ENHANCE your happy
Get grounded in a strong sexy sense of CALM
Be better balanced EVERY DAY &
LOVE the hell out of your Self and your life

Then you’ve got to crack the code and break through the invisible bars.💃

And you’re in luck, because I’m sharing my crack the code conversations by offering a

20-Minute Assessment called “The Life Balance Rebuild”

In this conversation you tell me about your work-life balance woes and I’ll share with you my insights about what unconscious clutter might be getting in your way that has you stressing over stuff rather than leveling up your self-love, stepping into a life you truly desire, and making a big difference in the lives of those around you. I will also share with you why the phrase “work-life balance” is a myth.

I’ve got limited space from now through Wednesday, October 15th. So click here or on the link above and choose a time for The Life Balance Rebuild call with me. Grab your spot while the gettin’s good ladies, they won’t last!

With love and a hankering for Halloween candy🎃,