About Mary Murphy

I’m Mary Murphy, a Holistic, Integral & Mind Body Coach. But I’m also an athlete; trust in healing and wholeness, and coach at heart—a runner, risk taker and optimist. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. And I believe you can, too! Leadership and coaching have been central to my career since 1998. Today, women come to me for career and life coaching, mentoring, leadership presence and personal branding guidance. Working with me, they’ve fine-tuned—even re-crafted—their professional and personal lives to be more balanced, happy, successful and fulfilling. So can you!

Gaia’s desires

What does the Earth desire? I will put it in just a few short sentences…. To be admired in her loveliness, to be tasted in her delicious fruits, to be listened to in her teaching, to be endured in the severity of her discipline, to be cared for as a maternal source from whence we […]

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To relate . . .

Only two fulfilled persons can relate.

To relate is one of the greatest things of life:
to relate means to love,
to relate means to share.

But before you can share, you must have.

And before you can love you must be full of love, overflowing with love.

Two seeds cannot relate, they are closed.
Two flowers can relate; they are open,
they […]

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Language of the Soul

“The self is not small or big but is both at the same time. Our spirit is like a drop in the ocean of spiritual energy”. ~Madisyn Taylor DailyOM

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Don’t grieve, at least for too long …

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“There is no way to happiness.

Happiness is the way”. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Aren’t you ready for more happiness? Let me help you find the way!

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