To relate . . .

Only two fulfilled persons can relate.

To relate is one of the greatest things of life:
to relate means to love,
to relate means to share.

But before you can share, you must have.

And before you can love you must be full of love, overflowing with love.

Two seeds cannot relate, they are closed.
Two flowers can relate; they are open,
they […]

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Language of the Soul

“The self is not small or big but is both at the same time. Our spirit is like a drop in the ocean of spiritual energy”. ~Madisyn Taylor DailyOM

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Don’t grieve, at least for too long …

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“There is no way to happiness.

Happiness is the way”. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Aren’t you ready for more happiness? Let me help you find the way!

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Inner Wisdom

Are you using your inner wisdom as a guide? There is so much rich information stored in our bodies that can get lost over time. Tapping back into that wisdom isn’t always easy. Starting with a 5 minute a day meditation practice can help you move through the layers and find your inner […]

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