HerCoach Success Stories

“The Heart of Leading” Across cultures, organizations and teams, It’s the quality that sets exceptional leaders apart from the rest. ~ Mary Murphy, Founder of HerCoach, Beliver in Possibilities!

Read what my clients have to say about their experiences.

“Mary is an outstanding coach and critical thinking partner. Mary is skilled at facilitating large workshops and small group interactions. Her creativity and calm provide the ideal environment to allow leaders to collaborate and consider new ways of thinking.” Deb Feder – Feder Development, LLC – debfeder.com

“In an incredibly short period of time, Mary was able to understand my current vs. desired state. She helped me create an inspiring and powerful achievement plan that was actionable and sustainable. Mary’s insight and thoughtful communication also enabled me to embrace and appreciate my total self, not just the strongest pieces.” Cathleen Callahan – Senior Leader, Fortune 500 company

“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Mary. She helped me identify and organize my thoughts, emotions and interests in order to forge ahead with PURPOSEFUL living. Mary has a kind and loving approach while also making you dig deep and maybe even feel a little uncomfortable while you think and work outside of the box. My interaction with Mary has truly helped me to make long-lasting and positive changes to all areas of my life.” Kristen Christian – Entrepreneur

“Under Mary’s guidance and direction I accomplished more than I ever thought I was capable of doing. Mary is an extremely talented leader, coach and mentor.” Lisa Mancuso – The Home Depot

“Mary is brave, nonjudgmental and courageous. She encourages others to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve whatever they are striving for. She listens and sees all angles. Mary sees your blind spots and weaknesses, yet she seeks out your strengths, and works with you to integrate all parts of you.” Jen Wilkins – Owner, Ivy Lane – ivylaneshop.com

“Mary is authentic, inspiring and relating. She earns trust and respect from everyone she works with.” Alicia Brand – The Home Depot