What Does Your Truth Feel Like?

It’s not like we’re trained from the get go to tune into our inner truth in this world. It’s more like shit upon shit of expectations and labels and guilt and this and that is what you should believe about this and if you don’t feel the same way as someone else about that, then one of you must be wrong. And on and on it goes. Until…

Until what? Until we’ve modeled our lives after someone else’s idea of happiness and success? Until we’ve spiritually starved ourselves silly trying to follow all the rules and match our insides to everyone else’s outsides? Until we’re empty and bruised and feeling so lost for all the pain of being disconnected from who we truly are?

And what if one day we decide to reconnect? What’s that like? I mean, what I’m saying here is I wanna know what it’s like for you to feel your own truth. What’s it like for you to KNOW something you have no logical way of explaining how you know? What does your intuition feel like to you?

Does that kind of truth ring inside you like a clear bell piercing the still morning air? Is it light streaming through a cracked door in an dark corridor? Does it feel like home, the familiarity of the daffodils blooming again in spring, the arrival of that perfect word you’ve been searching for to describe something just so…

I mean, what does it really feel like to you to feel your truth in your body and soul?

Let’s just say your mind actually stops working for a minute. What does truth feel like in your body? And how do you recognize it? Is it a ping, a zing, a release, an expansion? And when you feel it, what do you do with it? Even when (maybe especially when) no one else around you sees, hears, or feels it. What do you do with that? Do you honor it?

If not, what if you did?

What would it be like to lead from that place, to make your decisions based on YOUR heart of heart, core of core, soul of soul truth?

What if…

~ McCall Erickson

BE-ing Your Truth