The #1 Secret to Shedding Your Deep Seated Self-Doubt

And Reaching Your I’m Meant to be More!

How long have you held deep seated feelings of insecurity, self-doubt and imposter syndrome? And that if you were really true to yourself you’d say, I know in my heart and gut this sh*t isn’t true yet I just can’t shake it? I understand how you’re feeling. I was […]

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How to Find Freedom Amid Fearful Times: Stop Unconscious Biases From Owning You

Hey there,Okay, so this may be a little TMI, but I’m sure you can relate!

This morning, after frantically searching and finally accepting that not one of my bralettes (a staple item since quarantine) was clean, I became painfully aware of some things that were stirring under the surface and making decisions for me. Nope, it’s not my disdain for doing laundry, […]

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What’s Hot in July: How to be a Compassion Creator

Why Compassion is Key & How Self-Compassion Can Change the World

Hey There!

The world is abound and buzzing with the fact that we have both conscious and unconscious biases. Although many of us, myself included, would like to believe we have none, the truth is we do. Why? Because we have been raised in a patriarchal […]

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June Newsletter

Hey there!

So you’ve heard meditation is good for you, but you can’t seem to “find” the time? Or, you think you just suck at it? Yup, me too!

The new goods is, you’re not alone. You and LOTS of other people feel this way. Second, even short sweet segments of this tasty little treat (meditation) can […]

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5 Ways to KICK Your Inner Critic

Get The 5 Ways Guide Now!

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