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One on one coaching

Together, let's tap into the "function of four." When united, this helps create a more grounded, vibrant, and whole you-nity.

It's my firm belief that effectiveness and success – in business and in life – stem from four vital characteristics:

  • awareness

  • confidence

  • competence

  • resourcefulness

My mission as a psychologist, coach, and mentor is to help my clients connect with these traits within themselves.

My approach
Take three steps toward the life you want.


Through customized coaching and counseling programs, I offer a grounded, unbiased, get you out of your comfort zone approach to clients who feel "stuck," or are facing a significant life situation or challenge. Combining inquiry and advocacy, I tap into their strengths, interests, and capabilities to help build sustainable, long-term competencies. While I individualize every coaching engagement, I build them all on the same three-step foundation:

Step 1. Assess where you are.

I seek to understand you in great depth, and communicate with you in a way that opens up insights, possibilities, and new understandings. My integrated assessment approach encompasses your entire world, your individuality, and your well-being through a "three-deep" perspective: caring for the heart, body, and mind.

Step 2. Clarify where you want to go.
Together we focus on what is most important while uncovering potential and awakening your existing motivations that inspire a strong sense of purpose around meaningful outcomes.

Step 3. Help you get there.
With these newly created skills you can confidently push your limits, take risks and grow. Our ultimate goal is threefold:

  1. You’ll achieve sustainable, long-term excellence, personally as well as professionally.

  2. You’ll develop the ability to self-correct, staying true to the path toward your goals instead of falling into old habits that hold you back.

  3. You’ll develop the capacity to self-generate effective practices for successful future outcomes.

Together, we can blast through your barriers, find your life harmony, and establish personal “best practices” that build your confidence, resilience, energy, and self-awareness.


Do you feel stuck or in conflict?  Do you desire balance?  Do you crave a meaningful AND successful life?  Do you want to stop automatically reacting and start purposefully responding to people and life circumstances?

I believe in your potential and your dreams. Schedule a call to chat about what you crave.

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