Strategic Personal Branding

Step into your Power, Passion and Purpose.

How would you describe the first impression you make on people? More importantly, how closely do their impressions of you match your image of yourself? Do you feel like you’re at your very best all the time?

Leadership presence and your personal brand

Branding is everything—and YOU are your brand. With a strong personal brand you ensure that everything about you is always a true expression of yourself. Effective leadership presence is a hallmark of a powerful personal brand. Leadership presence describes your ability to lead with purpose, and clarity, connecting with people and inspiring them to become greater.

With a strong personal brand and leadership presence, you will always stand out from the crowd with confidence—in the workplace, in the job market and when you’re building your network. And with you’re confident professionally, you can be more present in your personal life.

The HERCOACH leadership presence process

I approach personal branding and leadership presence from a multi-dimensional perspective because you’re a multi-dimensional person. Together, we’ll explore how your personal brand and leadership presence manifests itself through:

  • Your state of mind—Are you positive? Inspired? Generous? Are you demanding of yourself to achieve, yet easy on yourself when you fall short? Have you befriended your Inner Critic? Are you caring for your mind, body, emotions and soul?
  • Your personal style—your workspace, meeting space, tools and, yes, clothing and accessories. We’ll assess your communication style—spoken, written, electronic, social media. Are your communications clear? Purposeful? Consistent? True to the value of your perspective?
  • Your presence—the feelings and reactions you stir among those around you
  • Your ideas—originality, creativity, depth and thoughtfulness

The brand we create together will be also be dynamic and able to evolve as you evolve as a person and as a leader. It will make you shine in all situations and interactions. Yet it will always be honest and true to the person you are—because when you’re true to yourself, you are your best, most confident self!

We’ll define your goals and unleash your strengths, abilities, values, and passions. We’ll tap into what gives you energy (and learn what drains it), helping you deploy your talents and lead with purpose, clarity and impact.Then we’ll build your brand profile, write a personal branded bio (click to see an example) and nurture a strong professional presence. With HerCoach, you will unlock your unique value, creating a positive mindset about yourself and your abilities!

Ready to be more bold and powerful in your leadership and life? Ready to look and feel your very best? Take the courageous step.

Drop me a line (or schedule a call).  Lets start a conversation about the “you” that you want to become.