Quick Hits coaching

Do you . . .

  • Feel like you can’t shut off your brain or shut up your crazy self-talk?

  • Get caught in the constant comparison loop to others or to some arbitrary ideal?

  • Bury yourself in to-do’s as a way of feeling better?

  • Make your self small for fear of failure or downsize to stay safe?

  • Just need a sounding board?

Then it’s time to get reconnected to your true Self.

My sniper sessions can help you to:

  • Learn the counteraction you need when life gets especially chaotic

  • Quell your inner critic crazies

  • Quit comparing to some arbitrary aim or to others

  • Create inner calm and Self care, in minutes

  • Put down the perfectionist armor and put on your Wonder Woman pose!

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My approach
Get going!

Quit hits sessions are being offered “on demand.”

  • Choose the time slot, meeting type, length and payment option that works best for YOU

  • Visit with me now and again or as often as you’d like. I love me some regulars!

  • Need evening or weekend appointments to help work around your busy schedule? I got you covered. Don’t see a time slot you need? Just ask mary@hercoach.com

  • Payments can be made via PayPal, invoice & credit card (online payment option coming soon)

Book your spots HERE and take a step toward your bigger, happier, stronger Self today!

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