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Get Growing.

It isn’t about who you want to be. It’s about who you already are.

Meet Mary

Is self-doubt holding you back? Does a lack of confidence or critical inner voice keep you from acting on your dream? There was a time I was right where you are, but I was determined to find a way out. It took work, but I finally broke through the barriers that were holding me back and tapped into the strength and power that had been mine all along. I learned I am in charge of my life’s journey, no matter what comes my way.

Now I help other women do the same. If you’re looking for a safe place and an honest, trusted partner to help you build your authentic and empowered life, let’s talk. Together we can tap into your unique energy, find what’s in your way, and put you on the path to realize your absolute, irrefutable enoughness.


Dr. Mary Murphy

Turn your inner critic
into your coolest companion.

My gift to you -- learn to use your inner critic to tap into your unique power and embrace a happier, healthier, and more authentic life.

The goods that really help you grow!

> Get Grounded & Grow Into Your Best Self

Quick Hits
Instant Action Sessions

Undue Old Conditioning

One on One
Self-Discovery and Life Mastery

> Break Limiting Beliefs,

Behaviors & Storylines 

Teams/Small Groups
Unleashing Team Potential
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