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Soul Work With Me

Change is Hard.


I get it. I can’t think of anyone (including myself) who has been able to make big changes in their life without getting to the root of what’s holding them back. For that matter, even tackling smaller challenges can feel overwhelming. But I know something that you may not. You are amazing with tremendous inner strength. And you CAN have more than mediocrity.

Do you want to?

  • Uncover what's getting in your way.

  • Stop striving toward arbitrary ideals and expectations.

  • Change your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and storylines.

  • Create the life you deserve and desire.

Whatever the issue, my mission is to help guide you to freedom and to your unique, extraordinary Self so that you can create the kind of life you desire. When you’ve connected to the heart of who you are, anything is possible.

Ways we can work together:

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Individual Coaching & Counseling


Building your best life.


Confidence, courage, and awareness are key to claiming your best life. My collaborative, personalized approach is a deep dive designed to identify what’s holding you back and uncover the truest expression of yourself so you can achieve more than you thought possible. 


Through the lens of the psyche, we'll investigate how your incredible mind works and identify what’s in the way of your goals, dreams, and desires. Using reflective self-inquiry, we'll work to undo your old conditioning, ignite your inner fire, and put you on a path to living your best life.

Group Coaching


Connect. Share. Evolve.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has passions. Everyone has a unique set of lenses through which they see the world. The goal of group coaching is to help participants examine and share what life experiences formed the lenses of “why” and how they see things. Through varying perspectives you will see, experience, and understand yourself and your world in a new way while organically building new connections.

Team Coaching

Well-performing teams don’t happen by accident. They require energized leaders who know how to identify and build on the strengths of individual team members; leaders who know how to overcome challenges with positive momentum, embrace risk, and consciously respond versus react. Through team coaching, leaders learn to effectively self-assess and leverage the strengths of individual team members by creating an environment that rewards teamwork and collective risk. When leaders are self-aware, effectively communicate, and confidently channel individual and team strengths, performance soars.​

Nature Therapy / Immersive Coaching

Heal and find wholeness.*

Using an integrative multi-pronged approach, ecotherapy utilizes the natural world as a mirror and metaphor for life which can help you make more sense of your pain, strife, and struggle. Simply put, we'll explore your mind and individual circumstances against the backdrop of the natural world. In this way, you will see that all expressions of yourself and your experiences are "normal," natural, and most importantly, lovable. Through thoughtfully constructed nature-based practices (ecotherapy), we can more readily accept and integrate the fragmented, cast-off ("shadow") parts of ourselves, grow through our pain and grief, and tend to our collective roots.​

​Alongside these soul-centered strategies, we'll engage sensible assessment tools, visualization techniques, and in-depth discussions aimed at self-discovery, deep healing, and a way of being that is beyond the ego. 

If you're ready to take back your life and live from a deeper part of yourself, say yes! 

*A portion of these session fees go to Friends of the Earth

Image by Alex Blăjan
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