Work With Me

Change is Hard.


I can’t think of anyone (including myself) who has been able to make big changes in their life without getting to the root of what’s holding them back. For that matter, even tackling smaller challenges can feel overwhelming. But I know something you may not, that you are amazing with tremendous inner strength. There is power in working with a trusted and knowledgeable partner to break through the barriers that are holding you back from living your best, happiest and most authentic life. For over twenty years, I’ve worked with women from all walks of life to lives of greater success and deeper fulfillment.

What Do You Want to Gain?

  • Finally crack the code on what is getting in your way?

  • End imposter syndrome? 

  • Level up Your Self Love and Stop living small?

  • Be happier and more purpose-driven?

  • Change your mindset from ordinary to embracing the extraordinary person you are?

Whatever it is, I’m here to help you dig deep to identify what’s holding you back and liberate your awesomeness. When you’ve connected to the heart of who you are, anything is possible.

Ways We Can Work Together:

One on One Coaching


Building your best life.


Every life needs the “power of three,” the confidence, knowledge, and resourcefulness needed to claim our best life. My collaborative coaching approach is a deep dive to identify what’s holding you back and untap your unique gifts and superpowers to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

Together, we’ll blast through the barriers that are holding you back, define your unique life balance, and identify your path to build and strengthen your power of three.

Team Coaching


Unleash peak performance.


Well-performing teams don’t happen by accident. They require energized leaders who know how to identify and build on the strengths of individual team members, leaders who know how to overcome challenges with positive momentum, embrace risk, and act. 

I help leaders learn to effectively self-assess and leverage the strengths of individual team members by creating an environment that rewards teamwork and collective risk. When leaders are self-aware, effectively communicate, and confidently channel individual and team strengths, performance soars.

Quick Hits Coaching


Targeted coaching to get you back on track.


I call these my “sniper” sessions. You choose the time, session length, and what we talk about. They’re a great way to explore a specific area you feel is holding you back or to use me as a sounding board as you work through an issue. They’re also a great way to explore a longer-term coaching relationship. The good news is you’re not limited to just one. Structure our time as it works best for you.


What I Do: As a depth psychologist and life coach, I work with Gen X women in business who struggle with limiting beliefs to help them own their unique power and purpose.

How We Work: Together, we’ll look through the lens of the psyche to investigate how your incredible mind works and uncover what’s holding you back from reaching your audacious goals.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has passion. Everyone has a unique set of lenses they’ve developed to see the world through. My goal is to help you explore and understand what deeper experiences in your life have formed the lenses“why” of how you see things.  Only then can you free yourself to see your world in a new way and create the life you desire, a life filled with ease, big meaning, and a boatload of joy.


This is not about my plan for you or a set of arbitrary “to-dos” or a checklist. This is not about where you “should be.” This is about getting you to the life you envision. This is about a journey that can only be revealed by your unique psyche, one we’ll take together to get to the heart of your unique strength and power. Are you willing to take that leap?