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Nature Therapy 

A place where mind, body, soul, and spirit meet and mingle with Mother Earth.

Do you:

  • Overthink, obsess, or suffer from self-judgment?

  • Struggle to manage your emotions or make sense of difficult experiences?

  • Feel blocked or disconnected from the truth of who you are?

  • Desire less anxiety and long for more life meaning?

Yes? Then it’s time to get reacquainted with your unconditioned Self.

How? Naturally. It's that simple.

Using soul-centered strategies and nature-based practices you'll learn to:

  • Reconnect with your true nature

  • Ground your nervous system  

  • Manage intense feelings

  • Expand through your experiences

  • Create inner calm

Connecting with nature benefits mental health. Nature Therapy Ecotherapy Helps Mental Heal
Enjoying working from an atmospheric home office full of green plants..jpg
My approach

The field of psychology was once considered "the study of the soul" due to the word's Greek origins. This does not generally come to mind when we think about the word. Today, the study of psychology places little emphasis on the soul or its intuitive ways of knowing and a great deal on trying to understand the mind empirically. But fact-driven data is only one side of the equation. Like us, it is incomplete without honoring intuition, imagination, and the soul.

My passion for this work, what I call "soulchology," is fueled by a desire to take back our lives, reconnect with our roots, and heal our personal and collective wounds naturally.

By blending and fusing the soul's natural and intuitive ways of knowing with some of science's proven practical approaches, this integrative heart-centered work seeks to reunite and align mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Whether you're steeped in nature, situated inside among natural elements, or somewhere entirely other, this holistic approach will help you heal, ground, grow, and better your overall state of being. 

Are you ready to awaken the very best version of yourself and find more life meaning?

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